The triple forced stimulation…
  • me: i want the thing
  • someone: i'll buy you the thing
  • me: nonono i can't let you do that

☆☆ - N S F W - ☆☆

mirror mirror
Anonymous: Currently the boyfriend I've been with for 9 years is having doubts due to our lifestyle being so different. He thinks we've become incompatible (I've had my thoughts about it to) but hearing him say it, makes me want to show him we haven't somehow. 

I wish you teh best luck

Anonymous: myyyy boyfriend is so cute and when he smiles his eyes kinda disappear and there are lines that curve on the sides of his mouth and i love the way he holds me and how warm he is and he smells like boy and he makes me feel all like magic and stars ;u; hes so lovely and he kisses me where ever we are hes so great at chemistry and maths and physics and he plays so many instruments and i find that so attractive we're going to have cute scientist babies together :^) 

that’s so cute~

Anonymous: my boyfriend plays violin and is the orchestra leader at his school and he plays violin for me shirtless i just want to jump him dear god 

go go jump 

Anonymous: do you like pee-plays? 

I’m not into it

Anonymous: ~ even his friends get told to step back. He pulls me closer to him and hugs me, makes me feel safe again. Without him i'd be either dead or a drug addict. I owe him my life and i would never want to live without him. 

I wish you guys good luck and that you both can be together forever

Anonymous: He came into my life and changed everything. He's the only guy thats gotten this close to me. I was abused and since i've been scared of men, but he makes me feel safe. When other guys come too close he sees i get scared and he asks them, even his ~ 

I’m so happy for you

Anonymous: We've been through so much shit. We've been homeless 


Anonymous: Im gonna tell you about my bf; he has big blue eyes and they change color depending on his mood, he made me stop cutting and even when im a bitch he never leaves my side. He stands up for me and i know he would give me the world ~ continues 

I’m glad you found someone that helped you become a better person