lil-bunnygrrl: To anon: DO NOT MEET UP WITH HIM. You are already feeling uncomfortable with the situation! ALWAYS follow your gut. There are obvious legal issues here besides the threat of his dishonesty to you and the other woman. Please baby, be smart, be honest, and be safe. Talk to an adult about it first, preferably your parents. If you cant bring yourself to do that, its another major sign NOT TO FOLLOW THROUGH or at least take it verrrry slowly. He's not worth the risk sweety I promise *hugs* 

Anonymous: If he's ten years older than you and already has a girlfirend, then he's not your soulmate. 

Anonymous: There is this guy I met at japanese class, it's like he's my soulmate or sth. We met a few times and chatted veryyy long (I know him about two months now). We also sexted and in a few days he wants to visit me. The problem is, he is 26 (okay) and I'm 16, but he has a girlfriend...I know there could more happen than just talking, It's not that I don't want it but I feel guilty because he has a gf ): What would you do if you really really like the person? 

This is just me but, if I was you I wuld ask him to finish everything with the other girl. And then let him chose what he think it’s best, that is if you just want to have sex with him but if you want to have a serious relationship I would tell him to break up with the other girl or he would get nothing.

Concerning his age I think you should be extra careful I’m not going to tell you to not do it because that’s up to you and every situation is different (I know what’s like because I’ve has a situation like this before so) but I would think about it before doing anything that could maybe hurt you because he’s 26 and you’re underage this could go very bad and maybe get him arrested. But whatever you chose to do good luck xx